Premier destination for
high-quality containers and closures Quality. Safety. Durability.

We are a group of individuals who are experienced in pharmaceutical manufacturing
and packaging and know the importance of packaging materials to protect the integrity of products
during transportation, handling, and storage.
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ARK DRUG PLASTICS, A premier destination for high-quality containers and closures.
At ARK Drug Plastics, we understand the critical role of packaging in preserving the integrity of products, and we are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that meet your business needs. We cultivate a culture of continuous learning, where adaptability and resilience are celebrated as key components of our success. Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond business, as we actively engage with our communities to make a positive impact.


Our manufactured product range
for the field of pharmaceutical industry is of regulatory standard, safe, hygienic and supports patient requirements. We are dedicated to delivering HDPE bottles, liquid medicine bottles, CRC plastic closures with consistent on time delivery as per your business needs.


We manufacture over-the-counter containers for enclosing OTC medication to ensure product safety.


Our manufacturing nutraceutical packaging containers and closures are safe to enclose the vitamins and supplements ensuring the product safety. we manufacture plastic vitamin and supplement containers that are built tough, durable, and safe.